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Treat Yo Self

Treating yourself every once in a while can be a no brainer. Treating yourself in the midst of a global pandemic can feel irresponsible. Over time the idea of what it means to "treat yo self" has turned into luxurious purchases, extravagant meals and a dent in your finances. Treating yourself doesn't have to be anything excessive, it can be taking a nap in the middle of your work form home routine or reading that book you've been meaning to pick up. Rewards don't have to come at the expense of your financial security and it shouldn't make you feel guilty.

We're all stressed. This is a stressful time and there is a lot of uncertainty. You deserve to take a moment to unplug and reward yourself for making it through another day in isolation. Virtual high five if you're still following isolation rules! You definitely deserve a treat! Below I've included things I do to treat myself, while staying home.

1. Read a book! I definitely did not give myself time to read pre-isolation so I'm taking full advantage of my post-work hours. Apple has a ton of FREE books you can download right now! I just finished Park Avenue Summer and am moving onto Little Women.

2. Put on a face mask! Sephora was having some deals earlier in the month and I bought a face mask and it is very worth it. It turns my face bright green, but my skin has never looked better.

3.Drink fun water! Everyone is always saying to drink water, but it can get boring. I've been taking advantage of my parents insane amount of lemons and making lemon water and throwing in some other fruits I've found in the freezer. Refreshing!

4. TAKE A NAP! If you're like me and having trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour and then waking up for work, you deserve a nap! You'll feel more rested and ready to take on anything else you have going on in the day.

5. Put on your softest clothes. I have been living in comfortable clothes all quarantine, but sometimes it's nice to switch out of my normal quarantine attire and put on my coziest sweats and curl up and watch tv. It's these little quiet moments I've come to appreciate the most.

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