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Cae Sal a la Molly Baz

It's starting to heat up here in SoCal, so eating food that doesn't require turning on the stove or oven is a definite must. I have been following Molly Baz for a few months, mostly for her dog content (her dachshund Tuna is the cutest thing!) and of course her food content. In the time I have followed her, I have seen at least four posts dedicated to her favorite salad, the caesar aka Cae Sal. I have never attempted to make homemade dressing before, but this dressing, with included arm workout, is worth it!



The dressing relies on creating an emulsion, see this post for more info on emulsions, which is why the continuous whisking is important. If necessary have another set of arms on deck, embrace the arm workout, or work on becoming ambidextrous.

Overall, this dressing is very tasty and I 100% recommend giving it a try!

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