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Can mayonnaise be used as a deep conditioner?

Earlier this week I was talking to my mom about the ends of my hair being dry and brittle. I had gotten unfortunate highlights about a year ago and my hair is still recovering. She suggested I try putting mayonnaise on the ends because she had seen an article about this hack on the internet. It seemed like it would work, since mayonnaise is primarily made of eggs and people were putting raw eggs in their hair. I needed to wash my hair that day so why not add a little more oil to the mix?

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg yolk and oil. An emulsion is simply a mixture of two or more liquids that normally wouldn't dissolve. This process turns the liquids into tiny little droplets, that to the naked eye appear well mixed. If you view it under a microscope, you can see the little pockets in the mixture. Some well known emulsions are mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and milk!

I used a spoon to get it into my hair and then used my fingers to mush it thoroughly into the ends. I was not ready to commit to a whole head of mayo. Once I had all of the ends covered I put it all into a plastic bag and waited. The worst part of this is the smell. Mayonnaise already has a tangy, egg-y smell and when you combine it with hair and let it sit for a while it can become unpleasant.

After tolerating the smell for 30-ish minutes I deemed the process complete. When I undid the plastic bag, the ends of my hair were crunchy, but still had some oily residue. I immediately washed it out and was glad to no longer smell like eggs. Once my hair had dried I noticed the ends were a little softer, but it wasn't a HUGE difference. Overall, I would not do this again. It was a fun experiment, but I think I'll stick with using a regular deep conditioner.

2/5 stars

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