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Hey. Hi. Hello!

Welcome to my crib, I mean blog!

With a decent amount of free time on my hands, due to the current state of the world, I figured now is as good a time as ever to start a new project.

I've never been good sticking with an Instagram aesthetic because committing to one filter and type of background seemed limiting and I just wanted to post what I liked. This lack of decisiveness will continue here. Why just be a themed blog when your theme can be to not have a them?! Despite not having a consistent them, most of these posts will be ramblings, recipes or designs. I'm still trying to pin down a career that will allow me to combine my love for food and design in one (if anyone knows please hit me up!), so for now I'll settle on combining these things here on the blog.

Maybe I'll keep this up for a week. Maybe I'll keep it up until I decide to leave the internet forever! A lot of things are uncertain, so I'm keeping my options open. If you want to stay updated feel free to follow along whenever you check this site or hopefully I have figured out a way for you to sign up for email updates?

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